Find Your Own TMJ Truth

Yesterday, we saw a beautiful young patient who had recently married.  She was experiencing 19 of the 20 classic TMJ symptoms: headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, neck pain, back pain, clicking and popping of the jaw joint, jaw locking and so many many more.  She was absolutely and thoroughly miserable.  She had found me when searching for a TMJ specialist even though she was not sure what she had or what was going on.  She cried as she sat in the chair and explained the depth and degree of daily pain and discomfort that she is going through.  If felt like I was looking at a beautiful bird trapped inside a prison of pain and torment.  I wanted to do anything I could to free her from her misery; everything in my profession demanded I help her.  And so I did.  I explained the Orthosis treatment she desperately needed.  I went over the entire TMJ treatment step by step.  I explained the science behind Neuromuscular Dentistry.  I calmed her fears and I even cancelled the entire afternoon of patients just so we could see her.  I literally dragged my staff from my satellite office where I saw the patient to my main office in West LA where we agreed to start K7 and TENS treatment that same day.

As I drove across the 101 and 405 from one office to the next, I felt so gratified in being able to help her.  I was determined to “save” her.  I was proud of myself for foregoing lunch, another important meeting scheduled that day, and an entire afternoon of hygiene appointments just to take care of this one suffering person.

The story does NOT have a happy ending so read on… As we began hooking the patient up to the K7 unit, her husband who had agreed to the proposed TMJ treatment plan over the phone only 1 hour ago, called suddenly and claimed that he needs more time to take all of this in.  I sat there and watched her go back and forth with him.  She apologized profusely for wasting so much time and going back and forth.  I felt her pain and did not want to add more to it, so I just sat back and analyzed the moment.

She had been though countless other treatments and fees and all of them had not worked.  Her husband was tired of paying for nothing and was not about to spend more money unless he was sure it was going to work.  Keep in mind, he had not met me and he had not joined us during the consultation but he was ready to make a decision to not move forward.  She on the other hand, was literally dying of pain, pain, pain and more pain. Her pain came second place to his concerns and that saddened me beyond words.   I felt helpless that I could not do anything and wished there was something I could do or say to change his mind.  But there was nothing I or anyone really could do.

If I could speak with him, I would tell him this: TMJ pain is real and TMJ relief is real but relief is also a choice.  Nothing comes from skepticism and doubt.  But so much can come from truth.  Your wife CAN live a pain-free life and all you have to do is to find your own truth. I am here whenever you are ready and TMJ neuromuscular treatment WILL make a tremendous difference in your wife’s health for the better.


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Dr. Sid Solomon - The TMJ Specialist & Expert for TMD Dentistry and Jaw Pain in Los Angeles