It takes team work to make a dream work!

office girlsThey say there is always a strong woman behind every strong man! In my case, I have 7 amazing, caring, capable, compassionate, dedicated and truly hard working women behind me! As LA’s leading TMJ expert, I have taken every step to hand pick my team in order to ensure the most pleasant and efficient visit for each and every single patient.  TMJ is a touchy and often very painful subject.  My staff is trained to listen, to care and to act always in the best interest of each patient.  I am blessed to have this dream team behind me.  If you are suffering from headaches, facial pain, jaw aches, clicking and popping and locking of the jaw, ringing in the ears… If you are ready to make a change… If you are ready to find a solution… If you are ready to be among people who truly understand… Then call my office and let us help you.  TMJ expert, Dr. Sid Solomon DDS. 310-475-5598.

TMJ specialist in Los Angeles

TMJ Expert Sid Solomon DDS Dream Team

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Dr. Sid Solomon - The TMJ Specialist & Expert for TMD Dentistry and Jaw Pain in Los Angeles