The Holidays are a Pain!

The Holidays are a time to be with family and to be thankful and to be merry and to be happy…. So they say. If you are having TMJ pain, the holidays are simply a pain! It is very hard to be merry and happy when you are in constant non-stop pain.  It is hard to be thankful and with family when you feel like you are in a prison in your own body.  It is hard to function when you are in TMJ related pain and the holidays are a time when we are faced with these problems head on!

If you are having TMJ pain, locked jaw, clicking and popping of the jaw, headaches, facial pain, migraines, neck pain, back pain and you have been told its all in your head and there is nothing wrong with you… Its time to see a TMJ expert or specialist.  Dr. Sid Solomon DDS will be happy to welcome you into our family of patients and provide you with a solid and true diagnosis regarding TMJ AND come up with an affordable treatment plan that will result is major improvement.

Don’t let the holidays be a pain! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Call Sid Solomon DDS for your TMJ consultation and Neuromscular Evaluation NOW! 310-475-5598.

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