Worn or Cracked Teeth

When the teeth are constantly pressed up against each other in a misaligned manner, or if you are clenching or grinding your them in your sleep, your teeth can become worn or cracked. While your teeth are naturally strong, they cannot withstand constant grinding and clenching. Eventually, the enamel will wear or crack, which can often be painful and cost a good deal of time and money in dental work.

chipped teeth TMJ

Biting hard objects can also lead to your teeth slowly becoming weaker and susceptible to chipping easier especially when paired with the misalignment caused by TMD. Temporomandibular joint disorder restructures the alignment of the teeth forcing pressure from facial muscle on the teeth. This causes excrutiating pain and leads to the chipping of teeth from the buildup of pressure on one side of the mouth.

As a result, one side of the mouth has broken teeth whereas the other side has teeth angled diagonally downwards.

Dr. Sid Solomon - The TMJ Specialist & Expert for TMD Dentistry and Jaw Pain in Los Angeles