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The #1-rated TMJ Dentist in LA, Dr. Sid Solomon, has over 30 years of experience in treating neuromuscular dentistry needs of patients. Patients from all over the world come to Los Angeles to cure their TMD disorder. Over thousands of these Los Angeles patients have left reviews positing Sid Solomon DDS as one of the top gnathological neuromuscular dentists in Los Angeles.  He has been featured on the Los Angeles Top Rated Doctor as one of the most renowned TMJ dentists. He has also been highlighted on the famous TV show The Doctors.

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I went to see Dr. Solomon about 10 months ago to get treatment for my TMJ, and it was the best decision I've ever made! It definitely wasn't an easy journey, and nothing amazing happens overnight, but Dr. Sid didn't give up on me and I was smart enough not to give up on him. 

Dealing with TMJ was very stressful but Dr. Sid was patient with me through the whole process and made me feel as if me being pain free was his #1 priority.  The relief I feel now was literally worth every penny I spent on treatment with him and every second of research I used to find the perfect doctor for my TMJ treatment.
TMJ Dentist LA Reviewer
Niki S.
West Los Angeles, CA
I have been a TMJ victim for over 7 years. I have suffered all kinds of symptoms and tried all possible remedies in the bookI also tried every possible treatment from Braces to night guards to muscle relaxants etc...All that didn't come for free and I've spent till this day over 15,000$.         
When I moved to Los Angeles last year I had so much pain as usual I have been put on a custom made Mouth Guard and its never been the same ever since. My pain is now gone and my whole life has changed. I have been put on a custom made Mouth Guard and its never been the same ever since. My pain is now gone and my whole life has changed.
TMJ Dentist LA Reviewer
Bassel N.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Sid is an absolutely phenomenal dentist!  He is kind, caring, non-intimidatingand HONEST.  After going through a load of other dentists, I am lucky to have found this office. I have finally found my dental home and I am all the better for it. 

He is really a TMJ expert and Ifinally found the cure I have been searching for all of these years. Also, his staff was up front, on time and accurate at every visit. Let's face it, I am not an easy patient and I do ask lots of questions. But this was the only place that actually took the time to answer me and take care of me, without charging me non-sense fees. 
TMJ Dentist LA Reviewer
Michael Z.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Sid Solomon - The TMJ Specialist & Expert for TMD Dentistry and Jaw Pain in Los Angeles